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From time to time, China Connection has taken many groups to China to see for themselves the China's spectacular tourist sites ...the amazing amount of religious freedom that one senses in the open, legal churches . . . and to see the charming rural areas and our work there. To see China firsthand is virtually the only way to sort out the myths from the realities of China.

Our favorite route in China is to arrive in Shanghai, then go to Nanjing and the rural areas north of there, then to see the terra cotta warriors Xi'an and on to Beijing for all the wonders it offers.

In recent years, churches and pastors have formed interested church groups and then come to us to make the arrangements and take them to China for a memorable experience.

Depending on the number of days of the tour, the cost usually runs about $3,600-4,000 for excellent accommodations for a 15-17-day tour. A single supplement costs about $500 extra.



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