Social Services: Caring for China's Orphans and the Aged




When China Connection first visited China's state-run orphanages in 1989, China's Christian-initiated Amity Foundation and we realized that there were numerous ways we must help. At that point, China was just beginning to recover from the decade-long Cultural Revolution. Funds were scarce. Workers were untrained. Children stood silently in their metal cribs, bundled against the cold of warehouse-type rooms. Meanwhile staff did their paperwork in an adjoining room. Stark "silence" and "children" do not go well together.


First Amity, our China partner, provided extra clothing, food and vitamins. Then they recruited Christian Grannies whose volunteer time daily job is simply to hug and hold the children and love them in any tangible way. What a difference this makes! Today these hugging Grannies remain the cornerstone of Amity's orphan program in more than 75 orphanages across China. These Grannies bond with the little ones so that when they are adopted - half within China, half outside of China - the children are capable of bonding well with their adoptive parents.



Today these orphanages receive more state support and volunteer contributions from within China. Buildings are often in very good condition. But various needs of the little ones still require our substantial help.

China Connection helps support this important ministry, with the great assistance of Alternative Gifts International in the USA. Our orphan program has expanded to provide medical care, corrective surgeries, physical rehabilitation, school fees, and foster care.

You can care for an orphan in China for just $4 a month -- $48 for the whole year!




In times past, China's elderly lived their remaining years with their children to care for them. But this social system has broken down as young people think more about making money. Many elderly are not able to care for themselves. Increasingly the need for "Elder Hostels" is a necessary solution to the problem.


Ms. Xu's Elder Hostel: Ms. Xu is an Elder at the Huaiyin Church where she sings in the choir. She and her husband built a three-story home as a wedding present for her son. Alas, her son was killed by a robber before the wedding took place. After grieving for a while, Ms. Xu noticed that there were a growing number of elderly who had no one to care for them. She told her husband that they should move into the new house . . . to care for their first group of needy elderly people. So far she has taken care of 27. Currently there are 12 living with them. Unless there is outside funding, Ms. Xu pays for all of their expenses, including medical, and she is running out of personal funds. China Connection donors have recently helped her, and we will continue to do so - with your help.

Your gift of any amount will help Ms. Xu and her new "best friends" who have no one else to care for them. As you look at each face in the photo below, you will see how Ms. Xu's confidence and upbeat attitude encourages the same in her friends!



Home for the Aged in Nanjing: This is a project that was initiated by Southern Baptist friends. We are channeling funds to the Amity Home in Nanjing for use in the care of the elderly.

Your gift of any amount will be put to good, and careful, use!


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