Medical and Health Projects in China


China's First Two Mobile Surgical Clinics: They're literally "operating rooms on wheels." They're designed to provide surgery on-the-spot out in the remote mountain valleys of both Tibet and Qinghai Province. In these areas, several million Tibetan nomads have never before had access to good medicine and surgery. Medical doctors from the People's Hospital in Xining (Qinghai) and Lhasa (Tibet) staff the two Mobile Clinics.


(1) On its maiden run in Qinghai, our first Mobile Surgical Clinic staff operated on three cataracts, a child's hernia, and a fatty tumor on the back of the local Chief's wife over a 24 hour period. The next morning, we watched in wonder as a man, blind for 20 years, squealed with delight upon seeing again the face of his aging wife and his now-grown son standing beside a young son of his own! Tears flowed! And the tears spread to all present. What a gift of meaningful life restored! We hear that the Qinghai Mobile Surgical Clinic continues to perform 200 operations each month in the remote areas.

The Christian Council in Xining tells us that - all over Qinghai - people are asking, "Who would love us enough to give us such a wonderful gift of this Mobile Surgical Clinic?" And when they hear that Christians have given this, they begin to ask questions about the Faith.


(2) In Tibet, our Mobile Surgical Clinic doctors examined and treated 619 patients its first day! While exhausted from the day's work, they were so encouraged that they could make such a significant difference in so many lives in so short a time.



We have provided both Mobile Clinics with sturdy Partner-Vehicles to carry medical equipment and supplies, doctors, and even cooking equipment since doctors will have to prepare their own food in very remote areas. This greatly increases the efficiency of the much-needed medical work.


Huaiyin/Huai'an Charity Medical Clinic: Huaiyin Gospel Church has wanted to express tangible love to the poor of their area by providing virtually free medical services. They received permission to remodel the old church (the former missionary home of Jimmy Graham) into a three-story medical clinic. Located in an area convenient to buses, the new Clinic sparkles in an artistically-gated group of upscale buildings next to a public park. This Clinic is expected to open soon, perhaps later in 2005.


Rural Medical Clinics: Please see our description of clinics in our Rural Development Section.


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