China Connection's 16-Year History

A note from the Founder and Director of China Connection, Kathy Call:

I fell in love with China when I was a political science undergrad and grad student at UCLA. I even wrote a draft doctoral dissertation on China before my life took another turn. By that time, I had a very clear sense that someday I would have ministry in China. Little did I realize how long it would be before this "call" would materialize. Still, my China-direction remained unwavering (even during the years when I was U. S. Director of African Enterprise.)

In 1985 I finally got to China. On this trip, I first heard about a new Christian-initiated service organization called "Amity" that was just being formed in Nanjing to express love in practical ways to Chinese caught without help and hope at the margins of society. As a Christian, I was drawn to this compassionate way of "loving my neighbor"!

I had already determined to work only with a thoroughly Chinese organization and to work legally. I was also delighted that Amity was Christian-initiated. And, to make my path abundantly clear, I was asked by Chinese Christians in 1989 to begin China Connection as a 501(c)3 charitable support organization here in the United States.

So, I risked my savings to found China Connection whose only purpose has been to help China through her Amity Foundation, and later through the China Christian Council. I have worked full-time to raise money for Amity projects, traveling regularly to China to see our projects and to enjoy my Amity colleagues, and all the whole bragging to my friends about the magnificent work that is possible today by partnering with China's Amity Foundation. And then, as China opened up, China Connection also began working with the China Christian Council, thus strengthening the work and witness of the open Chinese churches and allowing us to become better acquainted with our Chinese brothers and sisters.

These two China-partners have proven to be superb! Working with them, we can send money legally to China. And being so "well-connected" in China meant that China Connection could accomplish legally far more in the past 16 years in China than I would ever dared to believe.

Today I can assure you without reservation that - together -- we can make an incredible difference to the dear people of China, both in word and in deed!


Your donations made out to "China Connection" are fully tax-deductible. We reserve the right to use 5% of designated contributions to maintain our viability as a service organization. Our annual audit is available for the asking by March of each year. Our stellar Board list speaks also to our credibility.

Board of Directors: Dr. Gilbert L. Ashor; Dr. G. Thompson Brown (Chairman); Ms. Kathy Call (Founder/Executive Director); Mr. Merlin W. Call; Rev. Chan Young Choi; Mr. Peter Geddes, Jr.; Mrs. Sarah (Sally) V. Morrison.

Consultant: Dr. Philip Wickeri, former Overseas Director of the Amity Foundation

Board of Reference: Dr. Gary W. Demarest, Dr. Arthur F. Glasser; Mrs. Ruth Bell Graham; Dr. Vernon Grounds; Dr. Paul G. Hiebert; Dr. Samuel H. Moffett; Dr. David K. Winter.


458 S. Pasadena Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91105
Telephone: (626) 793-3737 Fax (626) 793-3362


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