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During most of the 20th century, China's believers studied the "Union Version" translated in the early 1900s by missionaries of various denominations. Unfortunately, rioting participants in China's Cultural Revolution of 1967 destroyed most of these Bibles. So, as soon as order was restored and new openness emerged in China around 1980, the China Christian Council sought a way to replace these lost Bibles. Quickly they published about three million Bibles from old Bible plates that had been safeguarded in Hong Kong.

A Modern Miracle -- China's Own Bible Printing Press: In 1987, the Amity Printing Company, Ltd. began as a legal joint venture between China's Christian-initiated Amity Foundation and the United Bible Society. It is the official Bible Printing Company for the Church in China. Located in the outskirts of Nanjing, the Press' primary function (90 percent of its output) is to print Bibles and Christian literature. To date, they have published legally more than 38 million Scriptures, along with millions of hymnals and Christian literature.
Bible Distribution Today: Bibles are ordered from the Amity Press each year by the China Christian Council (CCC.) on the basis of expected need. These Scriptures are then distributed through the churches of the CCC, 150 distribution centers across China, local Christian Councils and directly from the national CCC in Shanghai. Because Amity-printed Bibles are legally-authorized and printed in China, they cannot be confiscated by the government, whereas smuggled Bibles are. As of 2005, Bibles are not yet available in public book stores, although the Koran is.
Selection of Bibles: China's Bibles are printed in old script, new script, modern language, parallel English-Chinese, and minority languages such as Korean, Lisu, Miao, Lahu. Also Braille Bibles. Bible editions range in size from the pocket edition to the leather-bound pulpit Bible with gold-edged pages. These Bibles are exactly the same as those read by overseas Chinese. (No, there is no political content added. And, yes, the books of Daniel and Revelation are indeed included, to put to rest a recent charge!)
"Free Bibles for the Poor:" While Bibles are generally available in China these days, there remain many poor people who, sadly, still cannot purchase copies for themselves. China Connection has been making free Bibles available by giving more than $500,000 for this purpose. Our Director has been part of several Bible distributions to needy recipients.
How you can help: Your gift of just $2 not only purchases a Bible but also underwrites the cost of shipping the volume to its new home in China. And $100 purchases 50 free Bibles for China's poor.
Chinese Christians asking Kathy Call to 'sign' Bibles.



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