Assisting China's Churches

As a foreign organization, China Connection takes great care to respond only to the church needs voiced by the China Christian Council and the churches under its umbrella. Our church projects are undertaken only in conjunction with the CCC, as are our gracious opportunities to preach in China's open churches.

Building Churches: China Connection donors have gladly helped to build several large churches and several small ones.

Large Churches:

  • Church in Urumuqi, Xinjiang Autonomous Region (left): Seats 3,000 people on three floors linked by closed-circuit TV for worship services. They have grown so much that they have recently introduced a second Sunday service. This is the primary church in this largely Moslem region of China.
  • Church in Huai'an (now called Chuzhou): A no-frills sanctuary seating 3,100 worshipers people living along the Grand Canal. This church, built in the shadow of the Chou Enlai Memorial, also features a Bible Training Center for untrained pastors of rural church groups.
  • Huaiyin (now Huai'an) Gospel Church: Until recently, we believe this was China's largest church, seating 4,100 worshipers for one service. This is very special. Our Director has preached there many times.
  • Longquan Church, Zhejiang Province: Located in the middle
    of the "She" Minority area, this attractive church of green granite seats about 2,000. Semi-underground, it features a huge
    cemented area that serves as the place for church-wide
    fellowship lunches after the Sunday sermon.
Small Churches: Our help has ranged from paying $300 for a roof for the church in Handong Village to $2,500-5,000 assistance to help Hubei, Henan and Anhui provinces to rebuild churches destroyed by floods. The great gratitude of the brothers and sisters is touching, indeed overwhelming. We have also helped to build churches among Maonan churches in Jiangxi.

Supporting the Theological Training: Since the early 1990s, China Connection has supported the graduate program of China's National Seminary -- Nanjing Union Theological Seminary - thanks to grants from our donor friends.

We have also sent funds for theological education at some of China's other 18 seminaries and Bible Schools, specifically: East China Seminary, Shanghai; Zhejiang Seminary, Hangzhou Seminary; Zhongnan Seminary, Wuhan; Jiangsu Bible School, Nanjing.

Preaching in China's Large Churches: Thanks to the kindness of the China Christian Council and SARA, our Founder/Director, Kathy Call, has been unusually privileged to preach in various churches in China. She enjoys sharing the helpful ways in which the Bible speaks to her. Interacting with these Chinese churches also helps her to interpret the vitality of China's open churches accurately to US audiences.


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